The plan

My journey will begin in Madrid and will be around 5000km long in 11 days.

The first stop will be Barcelona (Spain), where I’ll meet with my friend Ric.

After that, we will head to Saint-André-les-Alpes (France), where the Alps trip will really begin.

We will cross a couple of Alpine passes but the highlight of the day will be the Col de la Bonette. Considered the highest road in Europe, with 2800m above the sea level.

The next day we will visit several famous passes in the motorcycle community, like the St. Bernard Passes (Grand et Petit) and passing by the Mont Blanc, the second-most highest mountain in Europe, with 4800m above the sea level.

On the third day of route, my wife will join us and we will spend the day bordering the Lago Maggiore, one of the largest lakes in Italy.

Next, we will head to St. Moriz (Switzerland). The route will start in Lugano (Switzerland) and continue bordering the Lago Como (Italy).

The Dolomites will be our next destination.

The last day of route we will get back to Milano (Italy) passing by the Lago di Garda, the largest lake in Italy.

Our trip will be coming to an end and the only thing left is to ride 1600km back to Madrid.